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Last year, the world's top 50 IC design enterprises accounted for nine land

     Chinese mainland government to actively support the semiconductor industry, especially in the lower amount of capital expenditures hardware, technology-intensive IC design industry, most attention in recent years. Following the MIC MIC reminder, Taiwan IC design companies face the threat of terrorism in 2 to 3 years after the research coordinating body ICInsights also pointed out that in 2014 the world's top 50 IC design companies in China will have nine manufacturers into the list, its rise of IC design industry can not be ignored.

     ICInsights analysis, the Chinese mainland in the late 1990s was to select the foundry industry to support the focus, but in the end did not get a good investment returns. However, China did not give up the ambition of the development of the IC industry, the government has announced a new wave of development of the semiconductor industry, the central government will invest $ 19.5 billion, local government and the private sector will also invest $ 97.4 billion in capital, the global IC industry layout will vary due to the rise of China to change the future.

     ICInsights observation, along with continued growth in China's IC industry, able to squeeze in a few large number of the world's top manufacturers of IC design companies are also increasing: in 2009 when compared to mainland China only one IC design company (Huawei's Hass ) among the world's top 50, 2014. China among the world's top 50 IC design companies is expected to reach nine manufacturers, including Hass, Spreadtrum, Datang, RDA, ZTE, full-Chi, Rockchip, China core semiconductor, micro IPCore NARI.

     Land prices 8% share of output

     In addition, ICInsights noted that last year the world's top 50 IC design companies estimated value of up to $ 80.5 billion, of which the proportion of mainland China has reached 8%, this figure is even IC design companies in Japan and Europe combined total of two times. Even the United States in world's top 50 IC design companies, still overwhelmingly leading 19 seats, and accounted for 64% IC design of GDP, but fell by the party of former tyrants to Japan accounted for less than 1%, the proportion in other countries is only 6%, the rise of mainland China's IC design industry is inescapable fact.