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Industry sales levels steadily IC foundry sustained high growth

      Industry sales levels continue to increase steadily. Taiwanese electronics listed companies are announced December sales data.

     December Taiwan's electronics industry overall revenue grew 7.11%, the chain increased 0.38%, to achieve steady growth as a whole. Year growth from the chain perspective, 10.3% in December upstream, midstream 7.72%, 2.88% lower; December MoM growth, the upper reaches of -1.12%, -0.82%, midstream, downstream of 5.06%. Specifically, the December sales rose more than 10% of the optical lens (38.0%), IC- OEM (37.2%), IC- beta (13.3%), NB and mobile components (12.7%); decline more than 10% of the areas STN panel (-36.7%), the digital camera (-11.1%).

     Industry began to enter the downstream shipping cycle. December 2014 Taiwanese electronics upstream sales revenue of NT $ 380.2 billion, a decline of 1.12%, lower sales revenue of NT $ 411.8 billion, the chain increased 5.06%, on the downstream sales ratio of 0.92, compared with last month fell on downstream sales ratio of 0.98 0.06, following the October high of 1.06 reached two consecutive months of decline. This is mainly due to continued growth in sales through the upstream components, the industry began to enter the downstream shipping cycle due.

     IC foundry sustained high growth, the global semiconductor industry boom cycle continued. In December 2014, Taiwan's electronics PCB Manufacturing 5.37% year on year growth, the growth rate of 2.37 percent the previous month increased by 3%; 7.24% year on year growth of passive components, the growth rate of 3.62 percent the previous month doubled. Taiwan's electronics IC foundry 37.24% year on year growth, the growth rate of 52.35% decline the previous month 15.11%; IC packaging and testing 13.32% year on year growth, the growth rate of 14.24% decline the previous month 0.92%. IC field as a leading indicator of the industry, shows that the industry has entered the downstream shipping cycle. TFT-LCD-year growth rate of 7.24%, 5.21% rise in the previous month growth rate of 2.03%; STN-LCD fell -36.67% -27.55% growth compared to the previous month fell 9.12 percent. STN-LCD revenue performance continued weakness. Solar 4.12% year on year growth, with the growth rate of 3.59 percent last month rose 0.53%; LED light assembly and growth of 4.20% year on year, with the growth rate of 3.22 percent last month rose 0.98 percent.

     CES ended, from smart wearable trend of things to chance. From a historical look at the development of the Internet, it is to achieve a more interconnected nodes. Broadband network implements a node connected home and the physical address of the mobile Internet for everyone to realize the interconnection of individual nodes, and the future of the world is bound to all things Internet era, and in these, intelligent wearable achieve the body all parts of the Internet, will be a natural part of things, but also the inevitable trend of things. We believe in the framework of the Internet of Things, intelligent wear (body), smart home (family), smart car (traffic) will be a very important part of intelligent wearable technology, the most mature market.

     Multinational AppleWatch Apple's official website updated information, AppleWatch sale near. This week the United States, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and other regions Apple's official website has been updated AppleWatch information, AppleWatch will be released in early 2015. According to 9to5Mac website disclosure, AppleWatch will officially begin in March sales. Confirmation from our supply chain, the supply chain already have started producing components, Quanta will be the impact of the progress of the whole assembly of the core elements of the supply chain, is expected to be completed in the first quarter 5-6 initial one million reserves.

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