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      Decline in component costs, price wars throughout the logic IC

    Logic IC market competition, affect the situation as a whole. With phone prices as low as $ 100 or even lower market, the price of spare parts supply chain stabbed naturally very drama (e) strong (lie), mobile phones AP, panel driver IC, IC to touch fingerprint IC, etc. logic IC manufacturers will face further reduce earnings.

     2015 smart phones to high, and the poor distribution of low-cost, an average of about $ 100 smart phone has become the main development; it also makes the phone AP, panel driver IC, IC to the touch, such as fingerprint recognition IC logic IC battlefield fighting more intense, in the end the pressure constant haggling, IC substrate material costs as an important package is bound to face the same ASP decline in 2015 gross margin decline was inevitable.

     Research firm Gartner estimates adjusted, the global mobile phone shipments in 2015 will grow 3.7 percent to 1.906 billion, which is considered a battleground in the mobile phone market in mainland China, cheap phone is king, two mobile phones AP factory MediaTek, Qualcomm catch on the athletic field, where a Hass, Spreadtrum, Rockchip and other local IC design houses are rushing into the low-end mobile phones AP, the price war logic IC compared been completed in full and the memory, it actually stronger .

     $ 100 phone in power, the cost of natural components repeatedly declined; price wars throughout the LCD driver IC, touch IC, fingerprint IC, such as touch IC ASP in China has dropped 25 percent on average, 2015 will no suspense continued to fall, dragged down by the relevant industry performance suffers industry said, except perhaps in advanced process leading market share position of absolute TSMC outside the supply chain in 2015 are difficult to maintain gross margin growth, the overall decline.

     IC packaging materials as important IC board, the investment focus shifted from the traditional flip chip package substrate wire carrier board, mainly due to the flip-chip package (Flipchip) costs have been reduced to cheap enough, many mainland IC design industry turn into adoption, some advanced memory technology are beginning to use flip chip package substrate.

     King Master, Southern Electric, Yan Xing three load MILL 2015 will also be expanded flip chip carrier board with thin carrier board technology; it is expected that as more customers turn into flip-chip IC package design, packaging and testing plant enhance the flip chip packaging capacity, carrier-related demand will grow forward, but the end product ASP decline rapidly, the three load mill is still in the investment stage, the cost of ongoing expenses of the new plant could be won in revenue, lost gross profit.

     In addition, the carrier plate and the overall cost of the IC has some importance, therefore eliminating the need for IC packaging factory positive development carrier board packaging technologies such as wafer-level packaging (WLP), self-development TSMC INFO (IntegratedFan-out) and other solutions, also tend to worry whether the market is facing a crisis of survival and therefore contained MILL.

     This trend, the industry said the use of IC packages carrier board is still the best cost structure, particularly the cost of flip chip package substrate has been quite low, although the wafer level package can save the carrier board, but the yield is not stable, is still stuck in low pin count IC applications, whether this is a long-term threat to the survival of the carrier board, but also to observe the progress of the case yields, wafer-level package is not a short time to replace the traditional package.